Hair Care Tips & Favorites

Hey Beauties!!

As women, our hair is so important to us right!! I know for me, my hair is big part of my “vibe” if that makes sense, so I try to keep it as healthy as possible! I’m here to share what I use to keep my hair healthy and minimizing breakage, especially because I highlight and brighten my hair every 6-8 weeks!
Please note: this is not an ad, I just love these products!

What I do to reduce breakage:
   My grandma actually told me this one a few years ago, sleeping with my hair in a braid; that way, there’s less knotting, which leads to less breakage! I also like to put a little bit of coconut or argon oil in my hair, then I’ll braid it! My hair feels softer, grows longer and have noticeably better ends! Side note, I either use very small hair ties for the braid before bed or use none at all and just add a little coconut oil to the end! I do this almost every night! When using oil, remember it just takes a little bit!

Purple Shampoo&Conditioner:
   The last last few months, I’ve been using the brand OGX, Lavender Luminescent Platinum, and I like this better than anything else I’ve tried! It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it, no sulfates, and is more of a natural option! Plus, it smells like lavender which is amazing. Every time I use it, people ask me if I got my hair done. Nope 🙂 Just used this amazing and clean purple shampoo&conditioner. I linked this for y’all in the app!

Washing my hair & dry shampoo:
   Lately, I’ve been going 4/5 days between hair washes. So, I have naturally curly hair, especially underneath so I try to wear it natural the first day, curl the second day (sometimes curling just the top), half up or using clips the 3rd and wearing in a low pony tail or high messy bun on the last days! I may use a little heat to style it but I try to minimize it down to one day and utilize dry shampoo & a little hairspray to keep the hold!
If I straighten my hair, it can only last 2/3 days and the last day I put my hair in a messy bun!
  I prefer to use clips when styling my hair or wearing it back in a low bun, etc otherwise I’ll use scrunches! I’ve found they’re a little more sensitive on my hair and less chances of getting caught in the hair tie and ripping my hair.

   Going 4/5 days usually between washes definitely calls for dry shampoo! In all honesty, for years I was afraid of that product for some reason, but it’s now been about 2 years or so since I’ve been using it and it’s life changing. I sometimes use it after my hair dries if I’m wearing it natural or after I style it to add a little more volume- holds my curls & volume as well without having to use hairspray- and it smells amazing! I will link the dry shampoo from Batiste (tropical is my favorite, I get this in the big size for home and the travel size to keep in my purse) that I use for y’all which is great for both light and dark hair! When I had dark hair I loved using Batiste’s Divine Dark and it was so pretty, no white at all! They also have a blonde one that I’ll link as well!

Hope this is helpful for y’all!! I would love to hear your thoughts and any favorite tips you have!

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