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Hi Beauties!

Since there’s a lot of people working from home now, I thought I’d share some of my tips that have helped me! I transitioned from always working in an office to working from home over a year ago and it took me getting used to it and finding out what works best for me, so thought it’d be useful to share! 
1. Plan your schedule the day before or at least time blocking out your schedule so you know exactly what you’re going to be doing that next day, helps lessen distractions, randomly doing laundry in the middle of your work day, etc. You still want to be productive and own the day, so staying organized and prepared is key! 
2. Set up a work space, not on the couch or your bed.. that’s just asking for a nonproductive day haha. Either at a desk or at your kitchen table, that way you feel more like you ready to work, not somewhere where you can be so comfy that you fall asleep or feel unmotivated. 
3. Take the time to get ready in the morning. This makes such a big difference! Now I don’t go full force, work attire and full face of makeup.. I put on my Tula primer and some bronzer, a little mascara and I’m good- you do whatever you want of course! I always get dressed first thing in the morning, usually it’s jeans and a cute top or sweater I’m loving, whatever you feel cute and confident in. I feel so much more put together and at this point it’s kind of a way of telling myself I’m up and ready to go. 
4. Stick to a morning routine! I think morning routines are crucial! I always set aside time first thing in morning, after getting dressed and brushing my teeth, to spend time in the Word/devotionals, gratitude journal, read or working out! Whatever it is that you decide to do, I think it’s a game changer and will kick start your day on the best note possible! If you’re new to working from home, now you have additional time that was used for commuting that you don’t have now, so I’d recommend taking that time to do things that you want to do in the morning but haven’t, it’s such a great opportunity! 
I have a full post on How to Own Your Morning here
Here is one of my favorite examples of what I like to wear! 
I hope this helps y’all! Would love to hear your thoughts!


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