"All we packed was a backpack" – Our travel must-haves!

Hey Beauties! 
We just got back home from our quick trip to Denver, Colorado! We only packed a backpack, my husband had one and I had a very small one 🙂 it’s quite different then how we normally pack or travel so wanted to share our travel must-haves and what we decided to pack for such a quick trip! We landed around 10am on Saturday and left at 3pm on Sunday, so a little over a 24hr trip! 
So this all started when my husband had a spontaneous idea to take a trip for the weekend on Friday afternoon, he saw cheap flights for Denver and the decision was made in 5 minutes, this was something we’d never done before so we were both so excited to try something new and create a new experience and memory with each other. It was 3:30pm and the flight left at 4:30pm, but we live 30 minutes+ from the airport, so we packed in 5 minutes and left haha sad to say, they stopped boarding 10 minutes before we got there and we weren’t able to get back to try to make a run for it, but thankfully we were able to book an early flight for Saturday! The whole point of me sharing that, is we proved to ourselves that we could pack super fast and found out what really mattered to us when traveling light haha! We had never been to Denver so we didn’t really know what to expect, so here’s what I wore to the airport, our first day there and what I packed! 
What I chose to wear instead of pack, to save space, that was comfy for the trip and arrival.
-denim jacket
-comfy pants
-graphic tee 
-wore the only jewelry & hair tie I wanted to bring
-sandals, cute & comfy to walk in
-fanny pack, instead of a purse- 100% recommend using one of these when traveling, serious game changer!
— inside the fanny pack- wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, gum, airpods, normal stringed headphones (in case the airpods don’t work on plane) & tissues.


What I packed in my small backpack.
-athletic leggings
-athletic tank
-light crewneck sweatshirt
-athletic shoes, comfy to walk in
-denim shorts 
-travel size makeup & skincare- I did not pack my makeup bag because that took up too much space, so separated the products throughout my bag.
-toothbrush & toothpaste 
-hair brush
-portable charger


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I think a denim jacket is always a good choice or any type of light jacket, that you can wear while traveling to save space instead of packing it, has a purpose and is super versatile during the trip- I wore it comfy, cute casual and with an athleisure look. My main thoughts when packing clothes were keeping it comfy and having an athletic option, so I would be comfortable with whatever we decided to do. Also, a tip on packing small, or I guess in general, roll your clothes, it makes for so much more room in your bag, and divide up your makeup/skincare into the zippers/pouches instead of using a makeup bag. 
Hope this helps you in some way, whether it be packing in general or packing light! It was so nice not having to worry about luggage. Not only was getting through the airport fast but also traveling when we arrived, there was a lot of walking so I’m so glad we packed light and just had what was on our backs, literally 🙂 Last thing I’ll say is remembering to pack to experience the trip, simple and versatile, so there’s not so much pressure or anxiety on what you’re going to wear- this mindset helped so much and was so nice not having to worry about too many options or things not looking good together, etc, I could just throw on what I had and go from there! 
Until next time.

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