Gift Guide For Him

Hey Beauties,

The For Him gift guide is here! I think it’s always a little difficult shopping for my hubby, but hopefully this makes shopping for your man easier šŸ™‚ 6 out of the 10 of these items my husband has and loves, so I picked some of his favorites and just a few items that would also be great for most guys if you need some gift inspo for a special guy in your life!

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To start, the camel coat and denim jacket are great closet staples for your man! We have matching camel coats and love the classic, chic look all year round. The denim jacket in the photo and what’s linked, my hubby has and loves, they’re his most worn jackets! He has his true size in everything.

The belt that’s linked and pictured is his favorite belt! He has in multiple colors but this one is the one he wears most often. What’s cool about these belts is you can switch out the buckle and you can also cut/trim down the belt as needed, makes it very easy to custom to what your man is looking for! There are lots of color options and a few different buckle variations.

The Ugg slippers are a new fave for my husband, I got him a pair for his birthday and he’s obsessed! He loves wearing them around the house. They’re comfy, keep his feet warm and are simple and easy to slip on and off!

My husband enjoys a cigar every now and then and since getting one of these humidors, he can keep them the right humidity so they don’t dry out and get bad. Something he appreciates and always has a couple for friends!

This duffle bag is suit travel bag, he can travel w/ his suits without creasing them and carry other clothes and items in a single bag! Makes it so easy for travel.

The ps5 is something on my husbands list, he enjoys playing video games sometimes, I guess this is a big thing with some guys so there’s that, haha. The cologne is a great option too, I love this brand of women’s perfume, it’s my absolute favorite, so the men’s is a perfect match, this particular set is small so your man can try it out but what better way to make sure you love the way your man smells, get him a smell you like haha.

A classic black watch, also linked a brown one.

Last but not least the robe, nothing like a comfy robe- everything loves’m. Linked a few different price options.

Hope this helps make your shopping experience smooth and easy, happy holidays!



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