My Micro Blading Experience

Hey Beauties!

I wanted to come on and share a little bit about my micro blading experience. In case you haven’t heard of micro blading or are not totally clear on what it is, it’s essentially a semi permanent tattoo of hair like strokes. I wanted upgrade my brows for awhile but was always so nervous, I still wanted my brows to look natural. I tried coloring in my eyebrows a year or two ago and never liked doing that because it looked too “done” and blocky (if that makes sense) so I stopped doing that although I’ve always had some insecurities about my brows.

When Shannon (owner of Brow Love KC) reached out to me, I got really excited because she specializes in micro blading natural looking brows and when looking at all of her work on her instagram, that’s exactly what I saw. She was also so helpful, more than willing to answer all of my questions and that along with the proof of her work, I was more than comfortable moving forward with her and just going for it.

My goal going into the appointment was to have my arches more even & symmetrical and also make my tails fuller, and that’s exactly what Shannon did! We talked about what I was thinking, then she mapped it out which is basically her guide lines and from there we determined if that’s what we thought would look best.

Below is a picture of before, the mapping stage and after!

One of the most asked questions is if it hurts, it honestly depends on your pain tolerance, on a personal scale for me I’d say a 3/4 out of 10. For what you’re doing and how long it lasts, I’d say it’s worth it. Depending on your skin type age, it lasts from 1-3yrs. Talking with Shannon made the time go by fast and helped take my mind off of the pain, along with that, halfway through that appointment she adds numbing cream.

Below is a time lapse video of her doing one of my brows!

After the appointment, she gives step by step instructions for the best results which was so helpful, along with care gel, cleaning wipes and a few other goodies. 7 days after the treatment, no makeup, sweating or getting them wet, so during this time I didn’t workout (because I’m a heavy sweater) and didn’t shower, I took baths and had my husband help wash my hair over the tub. Day 1-3 pat brows every few hours with wipe and apply a thin layer of gel and apply gel as needed 3-7. I wanted to keep them as moist as possible and lessen the chances of them peeling more than necessary so I continued adding the gel any time I felt they were getting dry or itchy. No picking or anything when they do start to peel, just leave them and it’ll take care of themselves. My brows started out very dark and thick but they lighten up quite a bit as they days pass.

Below is a helpful diagram Shannon shared with me while assuring me everything was going as planned!

I love how they look, very natural and my husband even said he was impressed with how natural they look. I’m so so happy with my eyebrows and working with Shannon has been amazing! The next step is a follow up / touch up appointment 8 weeks from the first appointment which is included with the micro blading cost. I believe she has very reasonable pricing and does an incredible job! You can use code BRANDY15 for 15% off her services through February, she only has a few spots left!

I will continue to update as the process goes on, hope this helps! If you have any questions leave a comment or send me a DM!



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