Love And Treats

Hey Beauties!

What are y’all doing for Valentine’s Day this year?! We usually grab dinner or make something special at home together, but this year we have a dog so we couldn’t forget about him! I was walking around in Target the other day and saw these adorable dog treats and had to get some for little Ralphie! Milk-Bone has so many great treats for your dog and love that they have Valentine’s Day themed treats, such fun way to celebrate with your furry friend!

The Milk-Bone Mini’s Valentine’s Day Dog Treats are fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, so I feel totally comfortable giving these to our dog and he loves them! I also saw a cute valentine’s box, looks like it’d be a box of chocolates for me haha but it actually has 3 kinds of dog treats (this gift box is only available at Target), fun way to try out a few different treats and see what he likes! Love including Ralphie in our holiday festivities!

Hope you have the best Valentine’s Day and that your pup loves these treats as much as Ralphie does!

Thank you Target and Milk-Bone for sponsoring today’s post!

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