Scottsdale, AZ Favorites

Hi Beauties!

We went to Arizona a few weeks ago and I’m just getting around to putting this blog post together! We had such a great time and the weather was just beautiful, so much better than I imagined. It was our first time and we can’t wait to go back, but wanted to share a few of our favorite spots in case you’re going there soon!

Have to share this first, we rented a car and it was one of the best decisions of the trip! We stayed for 5 days and it was way more cost effective to rent a car then using Uber or Lyft and we had more options when we wanted to go somewhere that was a little farther away.

We chose to stay at an airbnb with a pool and that was walking distance from Fashion Square and Old Town where there’s lots of shopping and restaurants. I would keep in mind when booking your spot to stay, the main area where you want to be and go from there! There’s so much to do whether it’s hiking, shopping, making your own candles (we loved this, went to Candle Chemistry) or laying out at the pool!


We went on 3 hikes, all different difficulty levels! Papago Park was the easiest hike, they also have a botanical garden in the park, such a pretty spot! Piestewa Peak was a medium difficulty, the trail was pretty rigid but had such pretty views! Camelback was the most difficult, started out medium difficulty but got difficult very quick, beautiful views and one of the most hiking spots in AZ! Especially for Camelback, it would have been helpful to have brought hiking shoes and gloves! Also remember to bring plenty of water!


Every spot that we ate at was amazing! Listing our favorites below!

Breakfast– Prep & Pastry, Breakfast Club, JoJo Coffeehouse

Lunch / Dinner– Farm & Craft, Sauce, RnR, Culinary Dropout, Diego Pops (wasn’t our personal favorite but was recommend by so many people)

Ice Cream– Sweet Republic, Fatty Daddy’s (was recommended by one of you as a local secret and it was so good)

Here are a few of the other recommendations that were sent in that we didn’t get a chance to check out! Hash Kitchen, Ruz Cake House, Shakes & Cones, The Mission, Blancos Tacos

We loved Scottsdale and hope this helps next time you’re in the area!



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