Meditation & How It’s Helped Me

Hello Beauties!

Today I wanted to hop on and share something that’s been on my mind recently! Meditation!

So I feel like (and know) that I’m not the only person that experiences this.. anxiety, stress, doubt, questioning myself and the list goes on. Most of the time, the root of it for me is worry. I’ve caught myself worrying about possible scenarios that don’t and won’t happen, stories that I tell myself before anything has happened yet, which for me causes spurts of anxiety, stress and doubt.
Recently I was on a plane and for some reason, I always get nervous and worrisome the few days before a flight, on the flight and after the flight… knowing that I have to get back on the plane to get home. Anyways, my husband and I had been talking about meditation recently and giving it a try to refocus, take specific time to think and found a few apps and things like that. I’ve used Headspace before and I really like it, but Calm is definitely my favorite! We use this when we go to sleep as well, because more often than not, it takes me a little while to get to sleep and wind down so this is also a great option for that as well.
The whole point of me going into all this is to say that those feelings are normal, it’s ok to experience them and use them as indicators in your life instead of controllers, if that makes sense.
Back to the plane scenario, right when I got on the plane, I put my headphones in, turned on a calming story on the Calm app and yes fell asleep after a little while but calmed me down within minutes, refocusing and calming down. I actually just used a “loving & kindness” meditation series today and I loved it! They have tons of options from specific mediations, sleep, music, etc.

Through my personal experience, I’ve learned that meditation is a great way to refocus, to gain more control over your mind and your thoughts, knowing that whatever (I’ll use myself here) scenario I play in my mind, something I’m stressing about, etc, I can take a minute.. breath and the best part here.. Think! Realizing what’s actually going on, connecting the dots in my mind, focusing on what I can control and coming to the conclusion that I’m calm, I’ll do my very best and anything outside of my control will happen or not happen. I think mental & emotional health is so important, along with physical as well, and this a great tool that I use to help! Since being consistent with taking time to think like this, I’ve found myself feeling more confident, sure of my decisions, more peace and calm mentally especially in times that there could be anxiety and/or fear, and I could go on and on!

This is not a sponsored ad or anything like that, just here sharing my thoughts and experiences with y’all and how meditation helps me better my mental & emotional health, calm down and get rid of unneeded stress and anxiety 💗

I write this in hope that it helps someone, let me know your thoughts!

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