Believe in You

Hey Beauties!

If someone hasn’t told you today, you are amazing, beautiful and worth it!!

Something I’ve learned more about over the past few years (and am definitely still learning) is how to believe in myself. If you’ve ever felt, or are currently feeling, like that you can’t do something, that is a lie that you’ve been telling yourself and this post is for you 🙂

For many years I struggled with so much insecurity, unbelief in myself, and unworthiness that I wouldn’t talk in group settings because I felt my opinion didn’t matter, I wouldn’t be transparent with people and kept so many of my relationships surface level, I always had the lingering feeling that I was just meant to be in the background, the quiet wallflower and the “nice girl”… but you know what, we are all created for a purpose and on purpose. We all matter and it’s crazy to think of how many moments in time, people crossing each others’ paths, relationships, and events that have had to align to end up in this moment, today, right now!

I feel like God is really teaching me right now how to be my true authentic self and loving it, as well as finding peace in the unknown and trusting Him enough to take a leap.

Some tangible things that have helped me cultivate confidence, lessen insecurity and feelings of being unworthy:
. Expressing myself in clothes that I feel beautiful and confident in, owning me and not trying to look a certain way or try to be someone else.
. Taking some quiet time to really think and journal about what I like about myself and cultivating that gratitude for how God made me. Also recognizing my strengths and ways to cultivate those as well.
. I’m huge on personal development and do so mostly by reading and listening to podcasts from positive people, that have fruitful mindsets, have overcome similar battles- it just helps so much!
. Using positive affirmations, speaking life over myself of what is or what will be!
. Creating a gratitude journal, this cultivates so much joy and peace when we choose to be grateful fo the life we’ve been given! For more on this, check out my post The Power of Gratitude

I hope this inspires you or helps you in some way

Perfectly Imperfect

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