False Lashes – Tips & Tricks

Hey Beauties!!

Recently, I’ve started to wear fake eyelashes every now and then, but for quite some time I shied away from them but decided to take the leap and try them out! I was inspired&influenced by PardonMuah (btw she’s so beautiful, sweet, love her stories and always has such great, quality content). She uses Ardell, so that’s what I tried 🙂

The number that works best for me is #135. It’s already pre-cut, which is super helpful because I wasted a few boxes trying to trim the lashes (so this was a game changer lol) and along with that, it’s more of a natural look. It may not look obvious that I’m wearing false lashes, but they do make my lashes fuller and I love it! I don’t wear them too, too often, but when I do I’m so happy with them!
The glue that I use is called DUO, it’s basically just black eyelash glue which is so much better, and cleaner looking than the normal white!

The whole process of getting the lashes on… took me awhile lol. A trick or two I’ve learned, is waiting a 20/30 seconds for the glue to dry a little bit before trying to put them on otherwise there’s a high likely hood that you’ll get the glue on your eyelids if you don’t get them on the first time! Also, setting the lash where I want it and holding down the middle first, that way the majority and center of the lash is set and the sides will follow! Makes it much easier to get it where you want it!
Below the picture, at the bottom of the page are the products I use!

I hope this is helpful for you!!
Let me know if you give these a try, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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