Own Your Morning 2.0

Hey Beauties!!

I wrote an Own Your Morning blog post here a while back and I’m here to make some updates for y’all, hence the 2.0 🙂 With the beginning of the year especially, I see this as a common thing that people want to work on so I hope this will help!

For most, mornings are a pain. They dread getting up and just want to sleep in, and I’ve totally been there.. but here’s another way to think about it, it’s a start to a brand new day!! Don’t just wake up for work, wake up for you 🙂 Enjoy your morning and take it by storm. I’ve noticed with this mindset of waking up for me and having those extra hours in the morning to myself, I’m much more excited and willing to get up!

I was listening to a podcast the other day and she said something that I’ve began to adopt and that’s trying to limit your screen time to little or none at all, by 9pm, the later and longer you’re on your phone, the later you’ll stay up right. So, I’ve really been working on this and so far, it’s working!

Rachel Hollis has a fantastic podcast about “How to Supercharge Your Morning Routine” episode 125, that talks about what she does and the mindset of why this is so important! This is definitely a must-listen! I absolutely love her and have listened to this multiple times!

Here’s a few tips to getting up and staying awake that help me! 
1. Set an alarm with the intention to wake up the first time it goes off and do it! This takes discipline, but it definitely pays off. You will love the start to your day! It’s much better to start your day off right, instead of hitting snooze and breaking a promise you made to yourself, that’s a big deal!

2. Keep a bottle of water on your nightstand and enjoy it when you wake up. This wakes up your body and allows yourself to rehydrate right away!

3. Brush your teeth, first thing! With a fresh mouth, you’re ready to begin your day and your mind will be telling yourself it’s not an option to go back to bed!

4. Move your body! Whether it be for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, this gets your blood flowing and your energy higher. Not only will you be more awake through your morning, but you’ll feel so much more alive and productive!

5. Self Care/You Time. For the longest time I used to wait until the end of the night to spend time on myself- reading more to grow me, writing, meditating, journaling, anything I wanted to do. Well, the problem with that is, that’s the time when I have the least energy, when I’ve given so much of myself away to everything else in my life before filling myself back up (which is so important). If this ever happens to you.. by the end of the day you give yourself just a few minutes and/or you don’t even do anything, which I understand, but there’s a better way! In order to show up and be our best selves, I believe before we begin to pour out to others, do our job, serve people, etc. we need to be investing and reenergizing ourselves doing what we need to do to be in the right state of mind. For instance, reading, gratitude journal, meditating, working out, writing out goals, preparing for the day, and eating a healthy breakfast- whatever is important to you!
At times I still do workout and wrap up another round of these at night, so it’s whatever you want to do and how much you want to do it!

6. Hydration. Water, water, water!! I’ve cut back a ton on my coffee and energy drink intake and I mainly just drink water. I don’t get any crashes, headaches, etc. Of course the first 2/3 days without all the caffeine was a little difficult, but now I don’t really crave it, I think it was more out of a habit to have a cup or two..or 3 in the morning. I believe enough water hydrates your body, giving you energy and clarity, instead of being dehydrated, fatigued and groggy/tired.
However, if you do decide to drink a cup of coffee in the am, it’s best in a beautiful cup or one that says something inspiring/uplifting to you 🙂

For more on making your morning revolutionary, here’s a must read!
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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