February’s Page Turners

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I can’t believe February is already coming to an end, I feel like this month just flew by!! I’m a little biased, but this is one of my favorite months of the year, Valentine’s Day (one of my fav holidays) and it’s my birthday month! A month dedicated to celebrating love, renewal, being thankful for the previous years and a new found excitement about embarking on another year of life!

Anyways, I’m here to share about the 2 books I read in February! I decided it’d be fun to share the books I’m reading each month, my goal is 2, and my brief thoughts on them, in the hopes of helping you in some way! Last month I shared each book in a separate post, but decided to put them into one this time, (what do you guys prefer, together or separate? let me know!) Books have helped me so much, specifically in the last few years- from personal development to helping deepen my spirituality & relationship with God to leadership to finding myself on another level and the list goes on! It’s truly amazing what reading can do for us and for the people in our lives!

Page Turners this month: Adamant by Lisa Bevere and Dangerous Prayers by Craig Groeschel!
Both of these books are more faith based. 
I usually like to read two books at a time, but this month I started with Adamant, then Dangerous Prayers came out and I was so excited about that book, I finished that in a few days then went back and finished Adamant! Everyone is different with their reading style, sometimes that’s just what works for me! 
Dangerous Prayers: 
This is a book that just came out and I devoured it!! It’s so so good!! The pastor of the church I go to, Life.Church, wrote this, he’s known around the world for not only his teaching, has 30+ Life.Church locations around the US, but also his leadership, he has a podcast, has written lots of books- he’s extremely credible! 
I was so excited when it came out and am still excited about it! It’s all about Dangerous Prayers with the understanding that following Jesus was never meant to be safe. In my opinion, in agreement with the book, it’s easy to fall into the habit of praying the same thing or praying safe prayers, but we have an abundant, all powerful God that created everything- why should we play it safe? This book is stretching in regards to challenging us to be bold about our prayers. Instead of always asking God for provision, blessings and safety- asking God how we can be a blessing to others, to break our hearts for what breaks His, creating a movement so strong & heartfelt to where we can’t stand still anymore, that we have to move the needle forward in helping God’s kingdom instead of focusing on ourselves and our safe life. These are the moments that stretch us and make us better, being focused on Him and others, rather than selfish and understanding this life and what we’re called to do is so much bigger than ourselves. This book is amazing and definitely a must read, so impactful and a game changer for sure. 
My husband actually gifted me this book a little while ago so had to make sure it was on my list! I love Lisa & her husband John’s books and content so I was super excited about this book, I’ve loved the other books of her’s that I’ve read so I knew this was going to be good! 
This book is all about revealing & understanding more of who God is which in turn helps us develop our relationship with Him more and at a deeper level. It’s such a good read for clarifying truth. Light and truth are faithful guides in our life and God is truth, “truth is not a what it’s a who”. In understanding more of who God is, it helps us understand more of who we are. This is a powerful read and definitely one to experience!
Hope this helps you in some way, thank you so much for being on this journey with me and taking the time to read this!! 
Let me know if you have read or end up reading any of these books, would love to chat about it!! 
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