My Diaper Bag & Why I Chose It

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I hope you guys are enjoying your Labor Day weekend! I’m currently sitting at a coffee shop with Justin, we just got our toes done (he loves it!), I love that he enjoys it too, little pampering time together. Anyways, not here to talk about our toes 🙂 I finally made a decision on a diaper bag, I decided to get 2 bags from the same brand in different sizes and colors, I wasn’t sure what size or color I’d use more so I went with a Petite and an Original size, this brand also has a Grand size which is the largest bag and for now, if I got the biggest bag, I’d fill it too full so didn’t go there haha. I did a poll on IG stories asking if you would like to see and hear more about the diaper bag I chose and why so I thought this would be one way to do it while also making it available to come back to later if you’re deciding between bags!

So I’m someone that likes to research, compare, all the things haha I watched a ridiculous amount of YouTube comparison videos of 3 diaper bag brands. There are tons of options when it comes to diaper bags, but I was looking for a bag that would last for years and didn’t look like a standard diaper bag, but still functional, chic bag that I could use to carry not only necessary items for our baby, but a few of my belongings that I would normally carry in my purse.

I decided on the La Mere Petite and the La Mere Original from Azaria! Out of personal preference look wise was the first determining factor between the brands, because all of them can be carried as a backpack but also as a messenger bag which I love. Their bags are made with vegan leather and I also liked the variety of sizes. Another reason I went with Azaria to start, the top of the bag is super easy to get into and can stay open by popping the lid corners out which is going to come in handy. Azaria has a few different styles of diaper bags, personal preference, I preferred the La Mere.

While I’m waiting for my Original size La Mere (it’s restocking this week in a cognac color I’ve been waiting for so I’m so excited about that!), I ordered a Petite La Mere bag in Black with Gunmetal detail. I also purchased their changing mat and Doux clutch in black to store the changing mat and diapers, etc. *To note, all of their bags, changing mats, accessories come in multiple colors*. I got that order in last week, couldn’t wait to get it and I’m extremely impressed with the quality, design and now I’m officially sold on the brand. I also like that it’s a smaller company and can be reached easily via Instagram and email, I reached out asking a few questions and it was so helpful getting a response.

I think the Petite is going to be great for quick errands and when I narrow down to the few things I actually need to bring along in my diaper bag. I’m sure when I start using my bags I’ll overpack a little bit but this bag is still pretty roomy. It has 6 inside pockets, so great for organizing but still plenty of open room.

When the La Mere is restocked in Maple this week, that’s the bag I’ll be ordering in the Original size, I absolutely love the color of this bag! I already ordered a changing mat and clutch in maple, but also decided to throw in one of their mini Doux clutches for “mom” items which come in a few cute prints! I think I’ll use this one the most, it’s a little bigger than the Petite size and it also has a spot where I can pack my laptop if needed.

This might sound a little extra and unimportant to some, but finding a diaper bag has been fun for me, honestly getting my mind off of other things and feeling like I’m preparing. I was excited to find a bag that will make my life a little easier while still being cute and functional. I hope this helps if you’re deciding between diaper bags for a first time mom or you’re looking for a new diaper bag!

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