Lunges & Lipgloss

Hello Sunshine! 
So, I absolutely love this pair from Hobby Lobby!! 
It got me thinking.. we are all beautiful in our own way and there’s ton of opportunities to better ourselves, working out is just one of them. Making the process fun and uplifting does make a difference! Change isn’t always the most fun thing, but find out what motivates and inspires you! Cute and uplifting accessories like these, gives me a reminder and keeps my mind on the positive! 
As women, we are constantly bombarded with how we should look.. what’s beautiful and what isn’t. 
Why don’t we have the perspective that we’re all perfectly imperfect, beautiful in our own way! Why don’t we focus on becoming the best US, instead of comparing ourselves and trying to be a version of someone else. 
Think about it… what a free feeling! Growing to love who you are and becoming better every day!
Here’s a few tips that help me!
1. Positive Affirmations- telling myself that I’m beautiful, that I’m confident, unique, that I bring value everywhere I go, and the list goes on. Speak life and you’ll start to see and believe it! 
2. Comparison- Realize everyone is made different, be confident in who you are and if you want to get in better shape for example, seek someone out that has results in their fitness journey that you want and commit to a plan that will help you get to your end goal. To be in better shape, a healthier you! 
3. Express yourself- This can mean a lot of things, but for me, fashion is one of them. I’ve found styles that I love, look good on me and fit my body type. Don’t focus on what looks bad, focus on what looks good, makes you feel amazing and confident! Embrace that! 
Hope this helps on your journey to loving who you are! 
We are perfectly imperfect, 

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