Overcoming Insecurity

Hi Beauties!

I think we all could agree that we struggle with some sort of insecurity, whether it’s superficial or an internal battle.

What I’ve come to realize, is the first big step to not allowing insecurity to control your life, is realizing it in the first place and noticing what triggers it. This isn’t a one and done type of thing, this is ongoing but it can be an indicator instead of allowing our insecurity rule us.

I often catch myself falling into patterns of insecurity when I’m not performing at the highest level that I know I’m capable of, specifically in my work and relationships. This can also go into something as simple as food. Knowing you’re not eating healthy and avoiding the gym, therefore not feeling the best in your skin and going down the road of insecurity in your body, how you look, etc. In any area, that’s when I tend to start comparing myself of other people, comparing your worst to their best.. no one is ever going to win that game so instead of giving life to that.. I’ve come up with a few steps that I use when I’m tempted by insecurity.
Side note. I personally find so much freedom in writing this down and/or talking to myself about this first and to someone I trust that has overcome insecurity as well that can help me with a different perspective.

  1.  Recognize the insecurity, the thoughts and what they are. 
  2.  Recognize the trigger and why you think that is. 
  3.  Reflect on why you feel that way. 
  4. Come up with a few things you can do (or avoid doing) or affirmations you can say to yourself to help you see the best in yourself. 
Maybe it’s becoming more disciplined in your schedule to align with your goals or not spending as much time on social media; maybe it’s writing down things you’re grateful for in your life daily or writing out and speaking positive affirmations about yourself and your life. 
However I will have to say, the biggest thing that’s helped me when I feel insecurity or jealousy is reflecting on what I’m grateful for, speaking good about that person (if it happens to be tied to a person) and speaking positive affirmations to myself. 
You are worthy ladies! You are beautiful in your own way! You were created for a purpose and to live on purpose! You can do this!! 
We are perfectly imperfect, 

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