Friday Favorites – Hair Styling Products

Friday Favorites!!

Hi Beauties!!

Hope your week is going so awesome!! I wanted to hop on and share some love for one of my favorite brands for hair tools and products! Just so happens that they are having a major sale right so perfect time to check them out!

If you haven’t heard or tried of L’ange yet, it’s amazing! I had seen some ads here and there on Instagram and my mother-in-law must have been thinking the same thing because she surprised me for my birthday with a whole goodie box from L’ange a few months back! I don’t know if you’re a big fan of pink, but I sure am, so I absolutely loved the box and all of the accessories that came with it! It was so beautiful, I still have the box lol. The box came with a number of different products along with a blow dryer, wand and a straightener (which are pink!), so I’ll just pick out some of my favorites and what I use the most!

In no specific order,
1. Straightener – These are on sale for $88 instead of $179!! The Any Le Reve
2. Blow Dryer
3. Salt+Sea Spray
4. Wand – These area also on sale for $38 instead of $128!! The Any Titantium Ondule
5. Dry Shampoo
6. Heat Shield Spray
7. Detangler Conditioning Spray

They have so many deals going on right now and bundle options where you can get an even bigger bang for your buck!! Enjoy your hair at another level, I definitely have!

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