Monday Inspiration

Hi Beauties!

It’s Monday Inspiration!!

My favorite thing to realize on Monday is that it’s the beginning of a brand new week!
That means brand new possibilities are in store and the week is at your fingertips!

To make the most of a new week, I am personally a planner type of person and every success principle book I’ve read says something about making a schedule and planning your days so you own your time and it doesn’t own you, so I’d recommend buying a planner, using your phone or whatever helps you stay organized!

Sunday is great for this too 🙂 but if not, Monday is the perfect day to lay out the goals you have for the rest of the week, things you want/need to get done and also adding in some fun things to do, that fuel you! I know for me, I have to make time to recharge and I do that by making sure I make time to get a good workout in every day and/or in addition to, I enjoy grabbing some coffee at a local coffee shop and enjoying the peace with a book.
The important thing I want to mention here is something that I’ve learned from others, is to prioritize your schedule for what’s most important so you’re not spending time on things that aren’t moving you forward or could be done later at night or another time, so you make the most of your day!

Have a wonderful week ladies! You are amazing and made for such a time as this! You are the only YOU there is on the entire planet, live in that truth!

Perfectly Imperfect

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